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MIRA Professional © is ready to fly! We need Opticians to test it!

We offer you

  • 1 week FREE unlimited access to our MIRA Professional ©

  • 1st annual subscription for the price of a monthly subscription after completing all feedback rounds

Our main product is

MIRA Professional ©
designed for opticians

to measure not only the PD, but all the required parameters for progressive lens fitting by using only a tablet and a mirror.

Our local measurement solution is

MIRA Tower © for optician stores

It is designed to stand prominently and impressively in your optical practice. With a long mirror, motorised positioning device and optimal lighting, the tower will give your patients a real ‘wow’ factor whilst you take their measurements.

Cloud based webshop solution

MIRA Cloud © for businesses
with glasses webshop

With MIRA Cloud, 95% of our users are more confident about buying glasses online because of accurate PD measurement.

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with scientific and research reports from professionals to businesses.

New AI features arriving to MIRA

While MIRA is being used in practice by an increasing number of customer day by day, we are working hard to develop new features...


Introducing MIRA at

We are happy to announce that MIRA was released at at the beginning of March 2018. The United Kingdom based...


About pantoscopic angle and wrap angle

Calculating with optical correction power of parallel thin lens systems is very easy using the concept of vergence. However, if the...


About the vertex distance

Vertex distance is the distance between the eye (front of the cornea) and the corrective lens. In most cases, it is considered zero for...


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