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Online optical measuring
solution for glasses webshops

Your customer can measure online!

Online measuring solution for your webshop that helps your customers measuring the lens fitting parameters from the comfort of their home, so that they can receive perfectly fit glasses from your online store.

An app designed for opticians

MIRA Cloud © is an online solution
for webshops

Measuring optical parameters online

Regularly the user has to go to the local optical store to measure their optical parameters before the shopping. With our app, the user can measure themselves in the comfort of their home.

Release your customer service from gathering lens fitting data

Our solution integrates easily into the customer journey. Instead of overloading your customer service with the task of collecting PDs and other lens fitting measurement from the customers,  your webshop only needs to create a measurement request and we take care of the rest. After the measurement, everything is automatically uploaded to the webshop’s system and the data is ready to use for production.

Accurate progressive measurement by customer

Progressive measurement is a tough business. There are a limited number of opportunities to measure it online. We can provide a solution to this problem as well. We use the same engine for online measuring as we use for MIRA Professional, which means we are capable to provide progressive measurements for webshops with the same accuracy that is used by high street opticians. As for this, the customer needs to wear the frame,  it requires a home try-on service.

MIRA Professional is a powerful solution to measure optical parameters. With MIRA Cloud, we can provide a solution for webshops to improve their services.

The pure benefits of using our solution

We would like to show you the benefits of using our service with your webshop.

  • With our solution your customers can measure their optical parameters as a part of the buying process.

  • The customer needs only for a few minutes, but in exchange they can get perfectly fit lenses in their frames.

  • Easy to integrate it into any webshop.

  • The customer service department does not need to deal with the collection of PDs and other lens fitting parameters.

  • Customers can buy varifocal lenses online, since we measure the required parameters as accurately as it is measured by high street opticians.

  • Improve confidence of the customers to buy glasses online with accurate measurements.

The new customer journey

You already know what are the advantages of MIRA Cloud. Now it is time to check the customer process with this solution. As we promised it is easy-to-use and it is part of the buying process.

The customer is searching for
the ideal glasses

The customer uses the webshop for searching the perfect glasses for their need.

During the buying process

During the buying process, the customer can choose either they know their PD or they can use our app to measure it. If the customer chooses to measure with our app they get only one link that helps them to immediately install the app and use it.

The customer takes an image
within the app

The app gives a clear guidance on how to take perfect images for the measurement. This process only needs a few seconds. Finally, the app automatically uploads the images to our cloud where the evaluation starts.

Uploaded images are
evaluated in the cloud

With the help of the images, our evaluation engine starts to measure all the required parameters. After it’s ready, we send all the data to the webshop where the production can start.

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